A Co-Educational School for K-Year 10

Wisdom for Life

A Caring Community.

At Moree Christian School we offer classes from Kindergarten to Year 10.

We desire the education of the whole child, providing opportunities for learning and development in intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual areas. We are a school that aims to provide a nurturing, Christ-centred education for your child whilst also ensuring children experience academic excellence.

We are members of Christian Schools Australia.


Primary School

Students are educated in stage classes throughout the Primary years and are taught from the NSW Syllabus.

Early Stage 1 (Kindergarten)

Stage 1 (Year 1/2)

Stage 2 (Year 3/4)

Stage 3 (Year 5/6)

This enables students to receive individualised learning according to their ability. This approach also allows students to reach stage outcomes at their learning rate. 

Students are taught Music, Literature Appreciation (Library) and Digital Technologies by specialists in these subject areas. 

High School

In Years 7 to 10, students are taught predominately in year groups. Students are taught from the NSW Syllabus.

In Years 9 and 10, students choose 2 elective subjects as part of their curriculum. These are dependent on student preference.

We are currently applying for Stage 6 registration, with the aim of extending our school to Year 11 in 2025. 


To have your child apply to join our community, please pick up an enrolment pack or phone the School Office to have one posted to you.

Once the enrolment pack is received, an enrolment interview will be organised.

Families do not need to be attending church for enrolment at MCS, however the enrolment policy does stipulate families need to be respectful of our Christian ethos and teaching from a Biblical worldview.

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A Word from our Parents

"Our family is thrilled with the education and values our son is receiving at Moree Christian School. The dedicated teachers and staff have created a warm and nurturing environment, and we love the focus on both Jesus and academic excellence. We highly recommend this school to any family looking for a strong Christian education."

Ben and Olivia Boughton

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Find Us: 409 Chester Street

Moree NSW 2400

P: 026752 3746

E: office@moreecs.nsw.edu.au


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